Hoyne Brewing
Fine beer for fine people

In the busy Victoria beer business full of noisy upstarts stands Sean Hoyne, master brewer for 30+ years. His lifelong dream, Hoyne Brewing Co, needed an orchestral performance: a website with subtle notes and layers, and space for a crescendo or two.

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Agency Direct client
Art direction, copy direction, design (IA, wireframing, visual concept, UI, layout, typography, iconography), motion exploration, and some production (photo manipulation and curation, video editing and grading).

Development by Gearbox // Copywriting by Adrien Sala, Sean Hoyne and Chantal O’Brien // Illustrations by Lydia Beauregard // Videos and new photography by Izzy Pullen // Print and creative by Becoming Design Office

One of life’s simple pleasures
The experience

In a rush because you’ve got a malt-driven Märzen-style Viennese lager to enjoy, but also want to know where this project landed? This screencast summarizes the all-round website experience.

Video – desktop browser screencast of the Hoyne website
Extended case study coming soon

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