Ice Fishing
Holes in the floor

A wordmark, signage and promo material for Jordan Bennett’s immersive interactive installation.

Project cover image + wordmark

Jordan Bennett grew up ice fishing out on the bay with his dad — and it taught him some valuable lessons. Ice Fishing is an interactive installation where virtual ice fishing holes, immersive audio, video, programmatic animation and photography turn an urban gallery floor into a rich fishing ground for story and reflection on time-honoured customs.

The installation at Trinity Square Video in Toronto, for TIFF 2014

Interactive installation

View it The installation toured in 2014

Agency NFB Interactive
Wordmark, signage, postcard, poster design 

Collaborators Jordan Bennett, production (NFB) by Dana Dansereau, Laura Mitchell

Wordmark iterations

Traces, contours and textures. Aiming for something homemade that you might find on the side of an ice-fishing shelter.